New Jersey Inspections done on premises. Call to schedule appointment.


Is your engine light on? Don’t drive another mile let Glenn’s Auto Service diagnosis your problem today!


Oil changes, brake jobs, alignment and more. Let Glenn’s provide your routine maintenance.


Brake job
Need new pads or rotors refinished? Let Glenn’s perform your repairs.


engine repair
From minor to major engine damage Glenn’s can do the repair!


routine maintenance
Glenn’s can do all of your scheduled maintenance at the right intervals.


Get your car driving straight and get rid of the stress on the tires today!


Tire Repair and replacement
Glenn’s carry the tires you want and need.  Call today to see what we can offer.


Make sure your care is running perfectly with a tune-up. Spark plugs should be changed regularly.


If your car is not riding smoothly it might be time for new shocks and struts.


car electrical
Having electrical problems? Let Glenn’s Diagnose and repair your technical issues.

Auto Glass

Chip or crack in your windshield? Let Glenn’s repair your window today.


Notice excess smoke coming from your exhaust? It might be time for a repair.

Fuel Pump

Your feel like it is sputtering? Might be time for a new fuel pump or fuel system inspection.

Belts & Hoses

Need a new belt or hose.  Glenn’s can help you today just call for an appointment.


Is your car overheating?  Let Glenn’s repair or replace your radiator today.

Fuel Injectors

Routine Fuel Injector cleaning will help improve your miles per gallon.


Your car having problems starting or lights dim?  It might be time for a new battery.

We repair & service all makes and models!

Or if you do not know what your car needs, simply call us today!

Many major repairs could have been avoided by taking your car in as soon as you thought something was wrong.  Call or come in today for a checkup.